Inoltre Rosso Terre Aquilane IGT 2020
(box + 2 bottles)


Moreover, the vineyard from which this wine originates is old, small, and extremely tall. Eighty years old, with five rows, at 800 meters above sea level, amidst the mountains of Aquila.

The old owner certainly didn’t want to part with it; he was always there to pamper it. So, my visits became more frequent, as did my approaches with him, as I had fallen in love with that patch of beauty.

One day, I managed to embrace it, and the “no” he gave me was the one I dreamed of – a different wine, new for us. Higher up, for sure, but also beyond the standards to which the Abruzzo red grape variety has often accustomed us. Ancient clones, old vines that instead offer the most contemporary interpretation.

To the main variety of my region. A wine that from tradition suggests the future.


Inoltre Rosso Terre Aquilane IGT 2020

  • naming: Rosso Terre Aquilane
  • year: 2020
  • abv: 13,5% vol.
  • volume: 0.75 L
  • number of bottles produced: 612