Inalto Le Pagliare Terre Aquilane Igt 2019


There is an ancient Italian grapevine that has found in the mountains of Aquila the ideal abode to express a rare character.

The Pecorino, a white berry variety that evokes the stories of Transhumance: the flock along the trails, the vines that populated this land. Tradition tells it, finding even in the profile of the leaf the resonance with this imagery.

The “Pagliare” were a place of rest and shelter for that ancient world of pastoralism and agriculture. A world that remains in memory as the taste of this Pecorino remains, a unique flavor of an extraordinary grape.


Inalto Le Pagliare Terre Aquilane Igt 2019

  • naming: Le Pagliare Terre Aquilane IGT
  • year: 2019
  • abv: 12,5% vol.
  • volume: 0.75 L
  • number of bottles produced: 2478