Inalto High-Altitude Wines

Ofena Vineyard

It is the company's main vineyard, stretching across eight hectares as a unified body. It is home to the Montepulciano (4.3 ha), Pecorino (1.5 ha) and Trebbiano Abruzzese (2.2 ha) vines. Located in the locality of Piè della Grotta (map sheet 32), it lies on the plain at an altitude of 400 metres, protected by a mountainous curtain.

The Ofena vineyard

The Ofena vineyard has its roots on a soil of alluvial origin, the composition of the soil is clayey-calcareous; it is rich in skeletons with good organic properties.

The plants, from the most recent dating from the 1990s to the oldest at almost 50 years, are trained using the espalier system, with single Guyot pruning and an average density of 3800 plants per hectare.

Our largest vineyard is set in the Forno d'Abruzzo, under the Calderone glacier, a pedoclimatic context that is incredibly beneficial for the grapes.