Inalto High-Altitude Wines

Campo Affamato Vineyard

It is considered the company's first 'cru' and stretches across half a hectare. It contains exclusively Montepulciano vines. Located in the Municipality of Ofena (L'Aquila) at 420 metres above sea level, in a peculiar locality of the Plain (Map Sheet 32) usually called 'Campo Affamato' [Hungry Field] by the local farmers.

vigneto campo affamato

Campo Affamato Vineyard

The Campo Affamato vineyard has its roots in a soil of alluvial origin, with a clayey-calcareous composition, rich in skeletons.

A plant about 30 years old, with espalier training system (guyot pruning) and a density of 3800 plants per hectare.

A particularly expressive vineyard, so called because of the soil that is not very conducive for other crops but is perfect for vines