Inalto High-Altitude Wines

Our Vineyards

If the unified vineyard in Ofena, of about 8 hectares, is the production base of Inalto wines, the vineyards scattered in other areas and hamlets, within the municipality of Ofena as well as in the municipalities of Acciano and Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi, represent lots of small viticultural excellences.

A widespread vineyard

The productive idea of Adolfo De Cecco is based on a complex design of vineyards, distributed on soils that are perfect for their pedoclimatic characteristics, such as soil rich in skeletons or the considerable temperature variations between day and night.

Plots deliberately selected with meticulous agronomic research. From recovering historic vineyards to fresh planting. A route designed on the past memory of these places and the new scientific horizons of precision viticulture.

Ofena Vineyard

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Campo Affamato Vineyard

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Carrufo Vineyard

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Beffi Vineyard

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San Silvestro Vineyard

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Roccapreturo Vineyard

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Via del Giardino n. 7 - Ofena (AQ)