Inalto High-Altitude Wines

Indigenous Grape Varieties

The concept of terroir encompasses the work of nature and that of man – for this reason, when searching for historic vineyards and planting new vines, the grape varieties forming part of Abruzzo's authentic winemaking tradition were the clear choice. Extraordinary indigenous black and white grape varieties: Montepulciano, Trebbiano Abruzzese and Pecorino.

Indigenous Grape Varieties | Montepulciano

A vine that still has a lot to be discovered; its elegance and refinement at altitude is amazing, compared with ‘classic’ interpretations.

The main Abruzzo grape variety, among the most interesting red-berried varieties in Italy, Montepulciano has an individual history which, according to documents, has its origins in the province of L’Aquila, in the Tirino Valley between Ofena and Capestrano. These grapes, generous from every point of view, are used alone to make Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo wines.

montepulciano vitigni autoctoni

Indigenous Grape Varieties | Trebbiano Abruzzese

A vine that deserves to be re-evaluated when it is above all the territory that makes it different from every cliché.

In the great Italian varietal family of Trebbiano, the ‘Abruzzese’ variety plays a major role. Ancient in origin in the region, it has proven to express itself at its best in Ofena, or in a suitable territory such as that at altitude, where it is used to produce white wines of refined elegance.

trebbiano abruzzese

Indigenous Grape Varieties | Pecorino

An incredible vine for the intensity of aromas and flavours; it has a great identity.

An ancient Italic white-grape variety historically found in Abruzzo, Pecorino experienced a period of rediscovery and relaunch in the 1990s: in Ofena, in particular, it found an ideal territory for producing highly expressive, complex and intense wines like few other white wines from an organoleptic perspective.

pecorino vitigni autoctoni

The personality of Montepulciano, the subtleness of Trebbiano Abruzzese and the intensity of Pecorino find their perfect, unique home at altitude.